Frequently Asked Questions


Columbus, OH!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions by email at and provide a number we can use to reach you if necessary

Please email us at with your order #, incorrect item#, and item# you should’ve received. Please also provide us with a phone number, in case we have questions.

No! Any 1 inch (1.315 OD) pipe will work with our Clampster and accessories.


Orders can be returned within 30 Days Less the Cost of Shipping.

You will receive an order number when you place your order. Please email customer service at with that number to let us know that you will be returning your item/s. Once received, we will send you a refund minus the shipping cost.

We warrant our products against manufacturing defects. But, if you receive a defective product, we will replace it free of charge, contact us at

All orders, unless otherwise noted, are processed the following business day. Please email us at before 12 pm eastern time by the following day, and we will take steps to correct your order.

We have confidence you will be satisfied with your product, but if for some reason you aren’t, please provide us with feedback so we can see what could have been done better. Please also refer to our return policy. 


UPS ground or USPS

Not at this time.

When you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation, and will be notified with a tracking number when it has been shipped. All orders are processed within 2-3 business days, and shipped in 7-10 business days. Orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays. All orders are shipped from Columbus, OH. Orders can be picked up on site Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-3:30pm.

Email customer service at and we will help you track your order.


Our products are all manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Be sure to watch the Clampster Assembly & Locking Pin Videos so that you assemble and secure your Clampster & Accessory Correctly.

Additionally, full written instructions can be found here and assembly gif Is shown below.  

Clampster Assembly

If the product is still not working, please email us at, identify item# that isn’t working properly, and provide us with a brief explanation of the problems you’re experiencing. Please provide a phone number and someone will contact you if necessary.

Yes! Clampster & All accessories are outside compatible! (Clampster & Accessories are stainless steel, Bases and Metal Shelf are powder coated).

The Clampster by itself is incredibly strong, but here are some of the weights we tested our individual accessories to:

  • Large Pot Holder Tested to hold up to 50lbs/22,680g
  • Small Pot Holder Tested to hold up to 30lbs/13,607g
  • Offset Lamp Hook Tested to hold up to 5lbs/2268g
  • Small Lamp Hook Tested to hold up to 5lbs/2268g
  • Large Lamp Hook Tested to hold up to 5lbs/2268g
  • Single Plant Hook Tested to hold up to 15lbs/6804g
  • Double Plant Hook Tested to hold up to 20lbs/9072g
  • Shelf Bracket Components Tested to hold up to 50lbs/22,680g
  • Wood Shelf w/ Brackets Tested to hold up to 50lbs/22,680g
  • Metal Shelf w/ Brackets Tested to hold up to 50lbs/22,680g
  • Sign Holder Tested to hold up to 2lbs/907g