How The Clampster Came to Be


After a friend mentioned his concept of setting up his greenhouse in a small space, the need for a vertical, more organized plant set up was realized. Frank wanted to be able to maximize the space without using shelves that would block necessary light. The ability to move them around and fit any size plant in the setup also came into play.  He pictured this to be a versatile, strong, and rust-proof clamp onto a pole, with accessory holders that could attach.  With all this in mind, he set out to make this idea a reality. The only problem was that he needed a name.  The product gripped tightly in place, and mirrored that of a clam.  He thought of many names, but one day he was reminded by his mother of an incident that occurred when he was a child.  He had been holding a hamster and it bit him, so he scolded it, while mispronouncing its name as “Clampster”.  Who knew that in that innocent mistake, such an ingenious idea was born!